Create a New Log

Before you can do anything with Loggr you need to create a new log. Typically you'll use one log for each of your applications, but it's also possible to log several applications to a single log as well as use multiple logs for a single application. It will depend on your specific needs and you can easily change it whenever you need to.

What Do I Need?

To create a log you need to simple pieces of information. The first is the name of the log. This can be anything and can be changed at any time. The second thing you need to come up with is a key for the log.

Log Key

The log key is an alpha-numeric string used to identity the log in URLs and when using the API. The key must be at least 4 characters and no longer than 50 characters. The only special character that can be used is an underscore. The constraint is that it has to be unique. We suggest using your application name, or domain name as the key.

How Do I Do It?

With the name and key in hand, head on over to the page to create it.

Create a new log