Customizing Your Event Log

Once you start collecting events, you can customize how those events are displayed and distributed.
When you create a new event log we automatically setup a couple things for you. You can explore the customizations with the sample events we generate.

Event Classes
Saved Searches

Event Classes

Event class settings One way of categorizing your events is to create Event Classes. To create a Class you specify what criteria you want to match on the incoming event. The criteria can match one or more of the following properties of the event: Text, Tags, Source and Link.

If the incoming event matches your criteria it is marked with your class. You can also specify a name and color for your classes so you can easily recognize them. Once you have classes defined, you can search based on them, be alerted when they arrive or you can hide them.

A New Log Has Some Default Classes
When you created your new event log, we created 3 basic classes for you:

1. New Events (Events with a 'created' tag for events like new users and new comments, etc.)
2. Error Events (Events with a 'error' tag for error events)
3. Trace Events (Events with a 'trace' tag for events used for tracing processes)

We figure they will help you get used to using Loggr. You can delete them or change them whenever you want.


Classes are only applied to events that are posted after you've defined or changed a class. Changes to classes will not affect existing events.

Saved Searches

Saved searches Loggr gives you the ability to save any search you make within your event log. These saved searches appear on the left-hand side of the events.

A New Log Has Some Pre-Defined Saved Searches
When you created your new event log, we created 3 saved searches that correspond to the Event Classes we created. You can easily delete them if you don't want them.

More Customizations

Log settings button There are other ways you can customize your event log like changing the name, assigning an image to your log, define alerts and notifications or defining custom webforms. All of these customizations are made in the Log Settings.

Learn about Log Settings