All requests to Loggr's Web API require you to authenticate to convey your identity.

Authentication Options

Loggr allows two methods of authentication when using the Web API:

  • Api Keys
  • HTTP Basic Auth
The preferred method is to use Api Keys because it allows finer control over who and what can be accessed using our APIs.

Api Keys

Using an Api Key has the advantages of better management of access to your data. Keys can be added, deleted and disabled. They can also be limited to read-only and write-only. See Log Settings for details on managing Api Keys.

Using an Api Key is pretty easy too. You simply provide the Api Key as a querystring parameter in your Web Api calls. The following is an example.

HTTP Basic Auth

The username is your email address used when signing up for a Loggr account. The password is your account password.

Most HTTP clients (including web-browsers) present a dialog or prompt for you to provide a username and password for HTTP basic auth. Most clients will also allow you to provide credentials in the URL itself. For example:

Notice that, since your username is an email address, you're required to encode the @ symbol. Use %40 instead.